Now We Know What Happens When 20,000 Jedi Take On 3,000 T-Rexes

Time to put THAT debate to bed.

There's absolutely nothing going on today (Hollywood has apparently decided to spend the day reacting to the Golden Globe nominations), which makes this the perfect time to discuss an age-old debate - who would win in a fight: 20,000 lightsaber-carrying Jedi, or 3,000 hungry T-rexes?

The answer...may surprise you.

This video, as discovered by the good folks over at i09, uses bleeding-edge simulation technology to settle the debate once and for all: 20,000 Jedi stand zero chance against a mob of 3,000 T-rexes, lightsabers or not. They're just too damn big, too damn ferocious. If you ever find yourself in a crowd of 20,000 Jedi and you run across an army of 3,000 T-rexes, under no circumstances should you attempt to start some shit with them. You will lose. 

Shout-out to YouTuber SergiuHellDragoonHQ for doing the heavy lifting on this one. We're glad we finally have an answer to this question, and look forward to sleeping peacefully tonight.