The AVENGERS: ENDGAME Trailer Is Finally Here

This looks intense.

Well. It's here. 

Buckle up.

As revealed by the Russo Brothers' Twitter account, this is the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame (oh, hey, we finally have a title!), the feverishly-anticipated follow-up to this year's Avengers: Infinity War. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's pretty goddamn intense.

There's so much to discuss. The return of Hawkeye. Scott Lang's little scene there at the end. The fate of Tony Stark. The reveal that Thanos has apparently hung up his armor, scarecrow-style, on whatever idyllic backwater planet he's now calling home. The mysterious plan being hatched by Black Widow and Captain America. The fact that this trailer barely tells us anything (thank god), while still managing to get us unreasonably excited. 

Hit the comments below to discuss. Tell us what you see here, what you're predicting, where you're at with all this. We won't be waiting for the Endgame much longer: movie hits theaters on May 3rd of next year*. Prepare yourselves.

* = Er, uh, SURPRISE!