Hilariously, Michael Rapaport Is Still Being Terrorized By This Weird-Ass Cat

This is almost certainly a bit, but it's a good bit.

About a month ago, we ran a post titled "You Have Not Lived Until You’ve Heard Michael Rapaport Melt Down Upon Seeing A Weird Cat", in which we learned that a particularly odd-looking feline was haunting the premises of actor Michael Rapaport's mom's house. You looked upon it and saw that it was good.

But as it turns out, the story is not over: Michael Rapaport is still being terrorized by this strange-looking cat, and - if the video below, uploaded to Rapaport's Instagram page, is any indication - has been driven into hiding over the whole thing. Dude's literally broadcasting from under a bed.


I’m being hunted. I need assistance ASAP. @iamrapaport is now live! @wilfredwarrior is loved����

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Is this a bit? Almost certainly. There's simply no way that Michael Rapaport is actually living in fear of this unfortunate-looking cat. But is it a funny bit? Oh, absolutely. This is, in fact, one of our favorite ongoing bits, and we'll continue following it (and keeping you updated) as the story progresses. 

In the meantime, pray for Michael Rapaport.