Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Clip Shows How VENOM Pulled Off Those Sick Motorcycle Stunts

Dive into a world of Movie Magic. And tentacles.

If there's one thing we all remember from Ruben Fleischer's Venom, it isn't the transcendently weird performance delivered by its star, Tom Hardy, or the insane moment where Venom calls Eddie Brock a "pussy", or the part where Eddie climbs into a lobster tank and starts eating live lobsters, or the "turd in the wind" line, or the sequence where Eddie first discovers his symbiote powers, or the fact that Jenny Slate was inexplicably in that movie, or the fact that Venom's trailer campaign pretty much showed the entire final scene of the movie for some reason, or the ridiculous Eminem theme song or even the part where Woody Harrelson shows up wearing what might charitably be called a Ronald McDonald wig.

It's the motorcycle stunts. The sick, sick motorcycle stunts.

The clip above comes from the special features on the incoming Venom Blu-ray release (available for purchase on December 18th), and shows us how those sick motorcycle stunts were accomplished. This is actual movie magic you're seeing here, people: a very surprised-looking Tom Hardy, on an exxxtreme motorcycle, attached to a gimbal and surrounded by giant, orange screens. You may be shocked to learn that Venom's tentacles were not real, either.

We break Venom's balls, but - as we've said here many times now - we are also a pro-Venom household, and can't wait to own our very own copies of 2018's most unlikely blockbuster. Stay tuned for more on the Venom Blu-ray release (including a long-overdue review from me!) in the very near future.