The Latest ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Trailer Demands You Respect Nickleback

They plead a pretty good case, tbh.

Ryan Reynolds just released a brand-new trailer/clip/whatever this is from Once Upon a Deadpool, and this time they're focusing on an issue which must be very near and dear to Reynolds' Canadian heart: Nickleback. 

This is a very, very funny scene, and yet another crafty bit of marketing from Team Once Upon a Deadpool, but at this point I've gotta wonder: are they revealing too much new footage? We know Once Upon a Deadpool is a retooled, PG-13 cut of this summer's Deadpool 2, and we know it'll be bookended by these Princess Bride-style scenes starring Fred Savage, but it feels like they've already shown the bulk of those new scenes to us in trailers.

Is Fox getting antsy? Are they worried people might not show up for a rejiggered cut of Deadpool 2 just months after that film hit theaters? Because I kinda feel like they will, and maybe they should save a few surprises for the theater. That's just me, though, and what do I know? 

Anyway, the scene above's great, and we'll be there when Once Upon a Deadpool hits theaters starting (checks notes) oh, it hits theaters tomorrow? OK, maybe we can't make it tomorrow, but we'll definitely get around to it before the film's limited engagement ends on December 24th.