If You’ve Got Five Minutes, Then You Need To Watch WE SUMMONED A DEMON

Our filmmaker pal Chris McInroy is back at it again with the blood-soaked hijinks.

Longtime readers of the site will probably recognize the name of Chris McInroy, the Austin-based filmmaker who's spent the last few years knocking out one hilarious horror short after another. We've covered all of McInroy's efforts here in the past (they're simply too good not to), including Bad Guy #2, Death Metal and, just last March, the Kickstarter campaign for his latest short film, We Summoned a Demon

That Kickstarter campaign found its funding, and today - after screening at over 120 film festivals, including this year's Fantasia Film Festival, the Overlook Film Festival and Frightfest - we're pleased to finally be able to share We Summoned a Demon with all of you, the gentle BMD readers of the world.

In typical Chris McInroy fashion, it's a goddamn hoot.

I asked McInroy for a little bit of commentary on this one, and he explained to me that We Summoned a Demon is definitely intended as the end point to a quasi-trilogy launched by Bad Guy #2:

"I wanted to make a quasi-trilogy of practical effect driven horror-comedy short films to put out in the world. First one being Bad Guy #2, then Death Metal and now We Summoned A Demon. There are some obvious things that tie them together, like actors and lots of blood, but you could also say they are all about underdogs trying to accomplish a life goal.

I'm heavily influenced by '80s horror films, but there were lots of '80s movies about underdogs that resonated with me too, like Weird Science and Teen Wolf. But really I'm just wanting to make fun stuff and use practical effects and spray Kirk Johnson in the face with blood.

I'm hoping to take what Ive learned on these 3 short films and ride the momentum into making my first feature, a werewolf horror-comedy. Id love to thank all the cast and crew on these and all the crowdfunding backers and all the festivals and people in the horror community who have supported us."

For those of you who missed seeing Bad Guy #2 and Death Metal when we ran them previously, I've got a festive holiday surprise for you: I'm gonna embed both of 'em below, so you can say you're all caught up on McInroy's oeuvre when this dude gets into feature work and blows everyone away.

First up, here's Bad Guy #2 (my personal fave):

Aaand here's Death Metal (also rules):

We're super proud of this hometown-boy-made-good for completing his trilogy, and can't wait to see what he does next. Congratulations, Chris!