The CAPTIVE STATE Trailer Is Here And Looks Super Intriguing

And also maybe just a bit confusing.

We’ve been waiting a while for Rupert Wyatt’s Captive State, an alien invasion movie starring John Goodman that takes place ten years after said invasion occurred. Based on the following trailer, that wait looks like it was worth it, though I’m still confused what exactly is going on here.

Check it out for yourself:

So this isn’t going to be like A Quiet Place where the whole movie hinges on a simple heightened premise. Instead, it looks like we’re dealing with class issues, spooky government stuff, a mysterious central character and aliens whose whole “deal” is currently kind of “unknown”. Captive State is going the complicated route. Let’s hope it keeps everything all together.

For now, I’m feeling optimistic, if only because those aliens have me super intrigued and I’m eager to get a better idea of this world. We’ll find out when Captive State comes out in March.