Emily Blunt & Lin-Manuel Miranda Will Steal Your Phone If You Talk Or Text At The Alamo Drafthouse

Beware Mary Poppins' magic bag.

Mary Poppins Returns is riding a wave of exceptionally strong buzz on its way to theaters on December 19th, and as of this writing it feels likely that Rob Marshall's sequel will be the go-to movie for families hitting the theater this Christmas. 

Here's hoping those theatergoers (particularly theatergoers that might be catching Mary Poppins Returns at the Alamo Drafthouse) will heed the following warning from the film's two biggest stars, Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Yes, that's right - you talk or text at the Alamo Drafthouse, Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda will personally retrieve your phone from you (especially if it's a rotary phone, ugh) and immediately relocate it to Mary Poppins' magic bag. As you can see from the state of its contents: once things go into the magic bag, they don't tend to come out.

While you're here, a friendly reminder: Birth.Movies.Death.'s live-action Disney magazine is still on sale, and can be order from our friends at Mondo via this link. Those of you wishing to catch Mary Poppins Returns in a phone-free theater this holiday season are encouraged to obtain your tickets here.

To everyone else, uh, good luck!