So, Things Are Looking, Uh, Kinda Bleak On DC Universe’s TITANS Series

Apparently The Batman has lost his dang mind.

Real talk: no one on the Birth.Movies.Death. staff is subscribed to the DC Universe streaming service, which is probably why we were all startled to learn that Titans (the Teen Titans series that announced itself with a trailer saying "Fuck Batman" back in July) is not only already on the air, but coming up on its season finale. Sorry about that, gang; we can't be everywhere at once.

Anyhoo, despite our almost total lack of awareness regarding this series, we were curious to learn that a new trailer for the Titans series finale featured an onscreen appearance from the Dark Knight himself. Given the show's, shall we say, cavalier attitude towards Batman's feelings, this was surprising.

But perhaps not as surprising as the trailer itself. 

Whoa. Okay. Yikes. 

Look, we're not sure what to say about all that. In fact, we're hoping a friendly Birth.Movies.Death. reader can put some of this into context for us. Is that the Joker smashed face-down into the roof of a car? Is Batman legit out here stabbing people to death? Why is Commissioner Gordon dead? Has the entire season been this dark, or is this just something they're playing up for the marketing of the finale?

We knew Titans was gonna be a little on the bleak side based solely on its first trailer, but this seems truly wild, so much so that we're wondering if we shouldn't be keeping up with it. Are you watching this show? Is the above trailer a fair representation of the series? Sound off in the comments below, and if you're currently living in Gotham City, please be safe out there.