Hey, Los Angeles: We’re Giving Away Tickets To See KRAMPUS On The Big Screen

Mike Dougherty will stop by for a Q&A after his modern holiday classic

Over the year, I've been honored to host a number of Q&As for Screamfest's Fears & Beers screening series, where of age fans get a drink with their ticket and get to enjoy an older film on the big screen, possibly for their first time. I myself got to see such films as Hellbound: Hellraiser II with a crowd for the first time after years of solo viewings at home, and got to reevaluate others, such as Freddy vs Jason, which improves a lot when you have a pumped crowd alongside of you.

But we're doing something a little different this month: rather than go back to the '80s and show one of the films that seemingly play every year at this time, we're going to be showing Krampus, the delightful (and surprisingly harsh, for a PG-13) horror comedy that was only released three years ago. Of course, I doubt it'd be hard to find people who'd love to be transported back to the simpler, far less terrifying times of 2015, so maybe it's exactly the right time to bring it back? 

Krampus was a reasonably successful film, nearly tripling its production budget in the US alone in a very competitive month (it lost a few screens to a film called The Force Awakens, perhaps you've seen it). As I've written about in the past, horror comedies are a tough sell at the box office, for a variety of reasons, so it could have very easily joined the likes of Tremors and Slither as duds that had to wait until cable to find their fanbase. Still, I'm guessing a few of you didn't get the chance to see it on the big screen, and as it's quite obviously the time of the year where the film is most appealing, we figure it'll be just as enticing as the franchise entries we usually show. The WETA creature work in the film is often astonishing, the cast is terrific (Adam Scott should star in more things, and among horror movies where Toni Collette is struggling to keep her dysfunctional family together, I prefer this one to that other one), and the split between horror and comedy is just about perfect. And with writer/director Michael Dougherty in the house for a post film Q&A, it should be even more exciting!

Want to join us for free? It's pretty easy to enter - just comment below with your favorite Christmas-themed horror movie (if it's Krampus itself, just list your second favorite), and please include your Twitter handle or some other easy way for me to contact you.

I'll be picking a winner sometime on Tuesday - and yes, you can bring a friend. The screening will be on Wednesday, December 19th at 7:30pm, at the famous TCL Chinese 6 in Hollywood, CA, and as always I'll have some (easy!) trivia questions for those who like to win Blu-rays, and there will be photo ops and probably a themed drink if you care to indulge. If you don't want to take your chances with winning tickets, you can buy them in advance HERE. It'll be a good time, so if you're a fan or still haven't seen the film at all, don't miss your chance to see it with a crowd, as unlike Gremlins and Black Christmas, this one probably won't play again next year!