In Which HELLBOY Gets An Extremely Metal New Poster

Also, we've just learned when the first trailer drops.

America's Dad, David Harbour, just popped up on Instagram with a brand-new motion poster for Neil Marshall's Hellboy, which is now only just a few months away from release. Let's take a look... 

This is, all things considered, a pretty metal Hellboy poster. You've got Big Red there, standing atop a craggy hill we can only assume was fashioned from the calcified bones of his enemies, and he's literally calling down the thunder, his trenchcoat flapping in the breeze. Yes. Good.

The real draw here is tucked away in the comment attached to Harbour's post: according to Hellboy himself, the film's first trailer will arrive this Thursday. We've been dying to see footage from this thing ever since the project was announced (and especially after seeing Harbour's Hellboy makeup for the first time; how that looks in action will be key to being onboard with this thing, and we're hoping for the best), and now it appears the wait is almost over. 

Y'all hyped? Cautiously optimistic? Disinterested in a non-GDT Hellboy? Sound off in the comments below, and stand by that first Hellboy trailer this Thursday.