BMD Picks: Our Favorite Queens Elizabeth

Yassss, etc.

Here at BMD, we occasionally write copy for videos that play before selected titles at the Alamo Drafthouse. They're fun to write and hopefully fun to watch, priming audiences for whatever they're about to see.

This time, I'm the one pivoting to video, and in honour of Margot Robbie's turn as Queen Elizabeth I in Mary, Queen of Scots, I wrote about some of the best portrayals of Queen Bess over the years, ranging from award-winners to old classics to Miranda Richardson in Blackadder II.* Enjoy!

Which Queen Elizabeth is your favourite? Did I miss any out? Is the best one, in fact, the current one?

* Yes, I'm aware one of the shots in this montage is of Holly de Jong's Lady Farrow, not Richardson's Queenie.