Bruce Willis Just Signed A Three-Picture Deal With MoviePass Films

Seems like a safe bet.

According to Deadline, living legend and increasingly indiscriminating actor Bruce Willis has just signed a three-picture deal with MoviePass Films. The deal was negotiated, in part, by MoviePass co-founders Randall Emmett, George Furla, and Ted Farnsworth, a team which has produced a staggering 14 films starring Bruce Willis to date.

As for MoviePass, well, Willis represents quite the get for the company, which has remained in the news this year thanks to being caught in a constant (and, some might say, hilarious) state of implosion. Word on the street suggests the entire operation has stabilized for the moment, but still: we're kinda shocked to hear they're making these kinds of deals.

Anyway, Deadline says the first movie in Willis' deal, Trauma Center, will go into production this February in Miami, with a fully-alert and highly-engaged Bruce Willis as part of the cast. There's no indication what the film might be about, but we're reasonably confident it will involve a trauma center, and that Willis will have an exceptionally nice trailer on set.

Stay tuned for more on MoviePass, Bruce Willis, and the films they plan to make together as further updates roll in.