HELLBOY And His Gang Arrive In Brand New Photo From The Film

Feast your eyes on buff David Harbour.

We’re going to get our first trailer for David Harbour and  Neil Marshall’s Hellboy tomorrow (though if you know where to look, it apparently leaked out places today). That’s going to be a long wait, but in the meantime, EW has an exclusive new photo of the film that should tide us over, especially since it gives us such a great look at this new take on a familiar character:

Well, it looks cheap, which is to be expected. Instead of hanging out with Abe Sapien and Johann Krauss, ol’ Hellboy is flanked by just… folks. Also, his left hand looks hilariously small. On the other hand, I think I’m a fan of how grumpy and mean this Hellboy’s face looks.

Look, this was never going to be a top-tier tentpole movie. My hope is that it delivers b-level fun with a narrative scope that matches its budget limitations. Something along the lines of Dredd. I also want the movie to distinguish itself from the del Toro version somehow, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out more about that.

Whatever it ends up being, this thing is coming out in April. Fingers crossed that it’s worth the wait.