Guillermo Del Toro’s Producing An English-Language Remake Of TERRIFIED

And original director Demián Rugna's coming back to helm it!

This was one helluva year for the horror genre.

There were no-shit blockbusters (Halloween, A Quiet Place), unexpectedly nasty hits from relative newcomers (Hereditary), and more under-the-radar homeruns than you can shake a severed arm at. One such title was Demián Rugna's Terrified, an Argentinian horror jam which featured at least two of the best jump scares this humble writer has ever soiled a pair of pants to. It's a legitimately frightening film filled with tons of unexpected little diversions, and you should absolutely track it down if you're trying to see all of 2018's best horror offerings. It's top three for me, easy.

And now it's getting remade!

Typically, this is where the wailing and gnashing of teeth would start, but in this case we're prepared to allow it: according to Variety, Guillermo Del Toro will produce the English-language remake of Terrified, and he's bringing Rugna himself back to direct it. They won't be working from the same script which served the original (a new one's being written by Sacha Gervasi), but with Del Toro and Rugna onboard, we're willing to bet that things remain very freaky, indeed. 

For those unfamiliar with Rugna's film: you should really go into it blind, but if you absolutely insist on a plot synopsis, Variety's got you covered:

"The original Terrified is set in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires where a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex-police officer investigate horrifying events and attempt to stop the evil before it spreads."

There's no timeline to report on here, but that's fine. That just means everyone has plenty of time to catch up with the original Terrified, which (again) you should absolutely do at your earliest convenience (I caught the film via Shudder, and it's apparently still there, in case you needed another reason to sign up for that platform). 

Stay tuned for more on the Terrified remake as further updates become available.