INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE’s “A Very Spidey Christmas” Is Now Online For Your Listening Pleasure

Spider bells, Goblin smells, Vulture laid an egg!

It's official: Chris Pine has completed his transformation into William Shatner 2.0. You might've assumed this would happen in a Star Trek movie but friends and neighbors, it did not. It happened in a Spider-Man movie, of all things – specifically during a quick sequence in Into the Spider-Verse, in which we're treated to that time one of the many Spider-Men (voiced in this universe by Pine) made an album of Christmas songs.

And now Sony has blessed us with an extended version of "Spidey Bells," which you can listen to until you're absolutely sick of it: 

Somewhere around the 1:30 mark, Pine-as-Spidey-as-Shatner (or some combo thereof) transitions into a somber lament: 

Why did I agree to do this stupid song? 

I have a degree in chemical engineering

I thought it would be fun to show this side of me

But now I fear it lacks artistic integrity

Spidey Bells, Spidey Bells, is this who I've become?

Selling out my good name for an impulse-buy album

You get the gist. 

It's difficult to say that this is the best moment from Into the Spider-Verse, a film that is full of exceptional moments (and animation and characters and jokes and so on!), but it's definitely one of the most hilarious parts of the thing. If you're anything like me, dear reader – and I think you are – then you've been anxiously waiting for Sony to drop this video. A Christmas miracle, indeed.