The First Trailer For Jordan Peele’s US Just Arrived

It's a (pre-scheduled) Christmas miracle!

Everyone's excited about Us, the forthcoming sophomore effort from Jordan Peele, whose Get Out was one of the best horror films in recent memory. They're so excited, in fact, that you can kinda understand why Universal might decide to release the film's first trailer on Christmas morning.

Give the fans something to unwrap, and all that.

Well, look. Here's the thing - we're hyped about Us, too, and lord knows we love Jordan Peele, but we ain't working on Christmas morning. Turns out we do have some dignity left, which is why we've pre-written this post as a place to host tomorrow's Us trailer once it goes live.

Like so:

We'll be back tomorrow, like reasonable people, and perhaps we'll talk about the Us trailer in greater detail then. In the meantime: happy holidays, whichever they may be, from the entire Birth.Movies.Death. family to yours. 

EDITED TO ADD: Called it.