In typical BLACK MIRROR fashion, this looks excellent.

Yesterday, we laid out all the available details on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the forthcoming standalone installment in Charlie Brooker's long-running sci-fi series. Scheduled to hit Netflix tomorrow (Dec. 28th), the episode is rumored to be a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style mystery featuring five hours' worth of branching storylines. 

That was exciting, but today we've got the first Bandersnatch trailer, and that's even better.

Let's take a look...

Well, everything certainly appears in order, doesn't it?

Bandersnatch looks like a classic Black Mirror mindfuck: you've got your awkward protagonist (in this case, Dunkirk's Fionn Whitehead), your possibly-shady side characters (Asim Chaudhry, Will Poulter with a British accent), your ill-advised monkeying-around with technology (in this case, programmers attempting to turn a fantasy novel with a troubled history into an adventure game), an excellent needle-drop (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, always welcome in this household). This looks great!

And the best part, of course, is that we won't even have to wait very long to see it: as advertised, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch hits Netflix tomorrow. There's no confirmation at this time as to whether or not the "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style gimmick is in play, but we're willing to bet that particular rumor's legit. We simply cannot wait to find out how many existentially terrifying endings this thing has.

What do you folks think? Into all this as much as we are? Not so much? Sound off below, and stay tuned for continued Black Mirror coverage as further updates roll in.