STRANGER THINGS Season Three Arrives On July 4th

Looks like there's gonna be fireworks.

Last night, just a few hours before 2018 became 2019, Netflix hit Twitter to reveal the following:

Yup, that's right - it's a new poster for Stranger Things season three, which now has a July 4th release date! 

As you can see, a number of Hawkins, Indiana's beloved characters are represented here: Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Will's bowl cut, Will's shorts. Along with the fireworks overhead, a carnival can be seen off in the distance, while something gross can be seen in the foreground. There's also an ominous tagline. This is definitely a Stranger Things poster!

Now that we know season three's episode titles and when we'll get to see them, it's likely we'll be seeing a full-blown Stranger Things season three trailer before too long (smart money's on the Super Bowl). Stay tuned for that, and - in the meantime - don't make any firm plans for July 4th. We've got some binge watching to do.