Check Out This Big-Ass Gingerbread Xenomorph

Why, yes, it IS a slow news day!

So here's a fun thing, as spotted via some eagle-eyed Reddit user, reblogged by the good folks at Bloody Disgusting, and now passed along to you, the gentle Birth.Movies.Death. readers of the world: a gigantic Xenomorph sculpture made out of gingerbread. 

Meet cake designer Caroline Eriksson, who has just single-handedly elevated Norway's cake-design game to God-like levels. One week was spent designing the structure of the piece (apparently, the Xeno's bones were forged from iron), then another two-and-a-half weeks were spent making the dough, cutting the finished pieces to fit the structure, and then locking them all in place with burnt sugar. Eriksson says she had to change up her recipe to make the whole thing work ("I wouldn't recommend for eating").

We think it was worth it, and thank her for this glorious distraction on an otherwise very boring day. Here's hoping we get an Alien Queen next.