New DANNY DEVITO Posters Feature Dumbo

That’s right, you heard me.

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Dumbo finally arrives in theaters March 29, 2019 to make sure every child in the world has a new movie to break their hearts. And while I haven’t been the biggest fan of Tim Burton’s output recently, the film does have Danny DeVito in it. Sooooo, that’s one ticket sold.

But it’s not ALL about Danny DeVito. The elephant looks pretty swell also. As does pretty much everyone else in the following character posters:

One interesting note: Colin Farrell’s character is only supposed to have one arm in the film. Don’t you wish that were reflected in his character poster? Just to give it that slight tinge of Tim Burton darkness?

In any case, these are a slight level above your average character poster release. It’s not JUST because of Danny DeVito. But it’s definitely weighted in that direction.