Someone Please Translate The First Teaser For Stephen Chow’s NEW KING OF COMEDY

All hands on deck for Stephen Chow’s latest.

First off, I’m just going to admit right up front that this post is going to be driven by a lot of ignorance. There is a teaser out now for Stephen Chow’s latest, New King of Comedy (although I’ve also seen it referred to as The New King of Comedy). The teaser is in service of its Chinese release which will happen during the Chinese New Year, which I believe is February 5. As such, it does not have any English subtitles.

Furthermore, I am finding a synopsis for the film hard to come by. The title indicates it is some sort of narrative or at least thematic sequel to Chow’s 1999 film King of Comedy (co-directed by Lee Lik-chi). Perhaps some of that information is presented in the trailer for those who can understand it.

In any event, footage from a new Stephen Chow film is always worth sharing. As such, check out the first teaser for New King of Comedy!

Looks good enough for me! It’s almost a foregone conclusion that this will be a massive success overseas, which hopefully bodes well for some kind of North American release in the near future. I’m certainly dying to see it, whatever it takes.