This Might Be The Best CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Yet

This latest one's a lot of fun.

Tonight, Marvel revealed a brand-new trailer for Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's Captain Marvel. It features one fantastic '90s needle drop (Elastica's "The Connection"), Carol Danvers wearing a NIN shirt while cracking wise to Nick Fury (check out those de-aging effects on Samuel L. Jackson; they just keep getting better and better), Jude Law teaching hand-to-hand combat, and - last but not least - our best look yet at Captain Marvel in Binary mode.

Obviously, we're onboard for all of this. Take a look.

Not much to add here. By now you should know if you're into what Captain Marvel's selling; if you're not convinced by now you never will be. From where we're standing, this one looks like a winner, and we're dying to know how it's all going to fit into the already-established MCU timeline. We're particularly interested to find out how Captain Marvel ends.

Anyway, there's also a new poster:

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th. Y'all as ready for it as we are?