Sony’s Moving Forward With A Sequel To VENOM

In which the inevitable occurs.

Ruben Fleischer's Venom was an unexpected hit for Sony last year, earning over $850M at the worldwide box office and winning over many skeptics (including a good portion of the BMD staff!) in the process. That the film might get a sequel seemed all but guaranteed, but until today we didn't have anything official to go on. 

Here's Variety with the news:

"Following box office smash Venom, Sony Pictures is putting the wheels in motion for a sequel to the antihero adventure. The studio has tapped Kelly Marcel, one of the screenwriters from the first movie, to pen to script."

That's right: Sony's taken the first step towards putting another Venom in theaters - they've hired someone to write the damn thing. In this case, that's Kelly Marcel, who worked on the original's screenplay and will also executive produce this sequel. Whether or not Fleischer will return to direct remains to be seen. 

What do you folks think about this? Into it? Not so much? Are you inexplicably cranky about Venom's success, and our continue coverage of it? Please take this opportunity to hit the comments below and let us know where you stand on this important issue.