What Does The PUNISHER Season Two Trailer Have In Common With The SINGLES Soundtrack?

Only ‘90s kids will know!

That headline reflects the fact that along with being burned out watching Marvel Netflix shows, I am now burned out writing about their promotional stuff as well. I was only a week ago that we got a teaser for The Punisher season two. And now here I am, talking about a full trailer. The whole thing will be past tense in just over a week.

I will say this: I like the trailer. It looks like a big improvement upon season one. I don’t know if that’s enough to get me watching, but I do enjoy the opportunity to be positive once in a while.

Check it out for yourself:

Action packed! And violent action at that. Plus, good on Netflix for that surprising Alice in Chains choice.

You can watch Jon Bernthal punish anyone and everyone starting on the 18th. After that, who knows what The Punisher’s future with Netflix will be?