New GAME OF THRONES Teaser Promises Stark Winter, Firm Date

It’s even cold inside.

Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season is nearly upon us. We know this, because HBO revealed its premiere date alongside tonight’s premiere of True Detective’s third season. April 14th is the date you’ll want to circle on your calendars. 

But don’t rush off to those calendars just yet, because there’s a teaser, too:

Not much to go on here. Based on the title “Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell,” it seems this will be part of a series of teasers - this one focusing on Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, and Jon Snow. And, naturally, the wintry, walking-corpsey doom that is soon to threaten them all.

My suspicion is that this was shot specifically as a teaser: its voiceover-heavy, portentous atmosphere just doesn’t feel like the kind of drama in which the show trades, and the statue reveal at the end is too neat (and implausible) to be anything but a bit of extracurricular foreshadowing. Maybe other teasers will show the rest of the characters standing in front of their own final resting places, playing into speculation of who's going to die. Maybe I’m wrong.

If this trailer confirms nothing else (and aside from the release date, it does confirm nothing else), it confirms that Kit Harington is still bearded, Sophie Turner is still tall, and Maisie Williams still has enormous eyes. All of which totally align with my fan theory that those actors are locked into contracts preventing them from shaving, cutting off their legs, or stabbing out their eyes, respectively.

Game of Thrones’ final run of six near-feature-length episodes starts April 14th.