Open Thread: TRUE DETECTIVE Is Back (For Real This Time)

Let's talk about those first two eps.

HBO's most divisive series returned tonight, and while it's probably way too early to say for sure, it certainly feels a lot like the True Detective we all fell in love with back in 2014 (ed. note: holy fuck, has it really been five years?).

It's certainly closer in look, tone and subject matter than the show's still-hotly-debated second season. You want occult overtones? True Detective S3's got 'em. Storylines playing out between multiple time periods? This time there are three of them. You want tough guy dialogue delivered by actors who can properly sell it? An immediately gripping mystery? Rough-and-tumble characters who are actually likable? Say no more, fam. These first two episodes have you covered. 

Our own Britt Hayes reviewed the show's first five episodes here, and it sounds like this season's gonna maintain all of the above while tossing us several satisfying curveballs along the way. That's exciting news, especially for those of us who fell so hard for True Detective in its (still brilliant!) first season.

We're not gonna run weekly recaps this time around, but we would like to give everyone a space to discuss season three as it plays out. To that end, I'll be running an Open Thread post following every show, all season long. This, obvioulsy, is the first. 

So what'd you think? Feeling it as much as we are? Intrigued by the West Memphis Three overtones of the premiere? Think the culprit's anyone we've met thus far, or will it be someone we meet up the road (if at all)? How 'bout that Mahershala Ali? Sound off in the comments below. There's much to discuss.