BMD Giveaway: HALLOWEEN (2018) On 4K Blu-Ray

Don't worry if you're sticking with regular Blu-ray - it's got that option too.

As you know, I was a big fan of David Gordon Green's new Halloween film (except for its simplistic title, which makes writing about it needlessly confusing), and so even though it's not exactly the right time of the year I was happy to get a copy to enjoy at home in the middle of January. Yes, the extras were a bit skimpy, but unlike certain other movies in the franchise (i.e. pretty much all of the others from the past 30 years) I wanted the movie for my collection because I actually liked it a lot, not because I'm a completist. 

And it's available on 4K UHD disc, which is fitting since the only other entry in the franchise to make that jump so far is John Carpenter's original - if you're new to the franchise and 4K equipped, you have a perfectly good excuse to skip all of the ones in between that have been wiped out of continuity! "I only watch 4K," you can say, and be free to enjoy Green's new film without all the baggage that occasionally made it hard for me to remember why no one seemed to think Michael Myers was a big deal (except for Laurie, of course). The transfer is gorgeous and that terrific new Carpenter score sounds amazing, and - as I mentioned in that other article - the deleted scenes are worth a look (as is the featurette, brief as it may be, on the creation of the aforementioned score).

Would you like to add the film to your own growing collection of 4K discs? It's easy enough - just email [email protected] with the name of the film you'd most like to see given the 4K UHD treatment. Your favorite movie? Something you haven't seen at all and have been waiting for a pristine presentation? Maybe just another Halloween sequel? No right or wrong answers (well, movies that are already available are indeed wrong answers), but you gotta get them in fast - I'll be picking a winner tomorrow, which is coincidentally the day the movie hits shelves. Please include your name and full mailing address so that we can get the disc to you ASAP! And if you're not 4K-ready yet, don't fret - the disc includes a standard blu-ray and a digital code, so unless you're on dialup with standard DVD, you won't be left out here. Good luck! It's, uh, January - everyone's entitled to one good scare.

PS: If you never got around to picking up your own copy of BMD's Halloween issue, be aware that we've still got a few copies up for grabs! Get yours here.