Bill Murray Will Go ON THE ROCKS For Director Sofia Coppola

They're getting the LOST IN TRANSLATION band back together.

According to Deadline, the first film of A24's partnership with Apple will be Sofia Coppola's On The Rocks, a new comedy (dramedy?) starring Bill Murray and the always-excellent Rashida Jones. The last time Coppola and Murray got together for a feature film, we ended up with Lost in Translation, so this is very exciting news, indeed. 

Here's how Deadline's describing the project:

"The movie follows a young mother who reconnects with her larger than life playboy father on an adventure through New York."

So, kind of like the Olsen Twins' New York Minute, only instead of two sisters it's a father and his daughter. And instead of the Olsen Twins it's Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. And instead of a story about one sister giving a big, important speech to land a scholarship while the other sister tracks down her favorite rock band, it's about a woman reconnecting with her father.

Y'know what? Outside of the NYC setting, this movie bears virtually zero resemblance to New York Minute and I'm sorry for bringing it up.

There's currently no word on when On The Rocks may arrive, but Deadline says production will begin this spring in New York. We'll keep you informed as further updates roll in. In the meantime: have y'all revisited Lost in Translation recently? How's that one hold up for you? Sound off in the comments below.