Corey Stoll And Billy Magnussen Join The SOPRANOS Prequel Thing

The two join a rapidly forming cast.

I don’t know how many people out there truly hunger for a Sopranos prequel film. Sure, everyone loves the show and likely just went through a period of remembering it during its recent 20th anniversary. But that doesn’t always translate into wanting to see a story that takes place long before the show they loved takes place.

But they’re going for it anyway, and you can’t deny they’re putting an interesting cast together. We already learned that Jon Bernthal, Vera Farmiga and Alessandro Nivola would be in the film. Today brings us word from Variety that Corey Stoll (the bad guy from Ant-Man) and Billy Magnussen (the pretty not nice guy from Ingrid Goes West) have joined the cast. Variety has no details on who either of the actors will play, but based on their respective cockiness levels, I have a strong feeling both of their characters get killed before the film ends.

As you probably remember, the film is going to take place during the 1960s Neward riots. It will forever be known as “The Sopranos Sequel” despite having a title of its own: The Many Saints of Newark.