Jason Reitman Is Bringing GHOSTBUSTERS Back. Again

At least they're not calling it an all-male reboot.

I guess we’re just never going to be done with Ghostbusters. The tale of blue-collar scientist schlubs who battle otherworldly entities is an idea that simply won’t quit, even though no one has really figured out how to bottle that magic a second time. Both the original sequel and the Paul Feig reboot have admirable qualities while also falling short of what made the first film so great.

So rather than give up, let’s just try again! This time Ivan Reitman’s son Jason will direct and co-write with Gil Kenan. The big gimmick here is that this Ghostbusters will take place within the original continuity. What that means is still unclear in terms of which original Ghostbusters might make appearances. All it really means right now is that it’ll take place in a world already familiar with the Ghostbuster business.

I imagine a lot of people will be excited about this news. My fear is that all the fellas who blew a gasket over 2016’s all-female reboot will see this as some sort of validation that men rule (they don't) and women drool (only sometimes when sleeping just like everyone else).

Amazingly this is going to start shooting very soon with an eye for a Summer 2020 release. My hopes are set squarely at medium but your mileage may vary.