The Mysterious First Trailer For HIGH LIFE Has Arrived

Claire Denis' sci-fi epic looks right up our alley.

Early word on Claire Denis' High Life (a weirdo sci-fi epic featuring Robert Pattinson, Mia Goth, André Benjamin, and - according to early reviews - something called a "fuck box") has been wildly positive, and today we're excited to be getting our very first look at the film. 

Here's the trailer, via A24:

Well, that certainly looks mysterious and weird! Right up our alley, in other words. It's probably not gonna be a four-quadrant crowd-pleaser, but who cares? As per usual, we're more concerned with the art than the revenue it generates, and this one has us intrigued.

Here's a plot synopsis, in case any of the above wasn't clear:

"Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his baby daughter are the last survivors of a damned and dangerous mission to the outer reaches of the solar system.The crew death-row inmates led by a doctor (Juliette Binoche) with sinister motives has vanished. As the mystery of what happened onboard the ship is unraveled, father and daughter must rely on each other to survive as they hurtle toward the oblivion of a black hole."

Robert Pattinson and a baby trapped aboard a spaceship that's drifting deeper and deeper into outer space? A possibly mad scientist played by Juliette Binoche? A vanishing crew, a mystery to solve, and black hole-related hijinks? Oh, yes. High Life definitely sounds like our jam.

So, when can we see it? April 12th - not too long from now. Given the talent involved, the A24 pedigree, and the subject matter, we're very hyped for this one, but how about y'all? Think you'll give High Life a whirl when it hits theaters, or think you'll wait until it arrives on streaming? Sound off in the comments below.