Los Angeles: Win A Pair of Tickets to DEAD ANT

80s hair rockers fighting giant ants. It's kind of awesome.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, I will face a dilemma unlike no other. After the big Screamfest premiere of Dead Ant, I will be moderating the post-screening Q&A with several of the cast members, so many that it will probably be a good idea to get started as the credits continue to roll on the screen behind us. However, I made the end credits on this particular film, so I want the audience to be basking in their glory!!! WHAT DO I DO?

I kid, of course - no one but me cares about the credits and I'll be happy to start talking to everyone about their highly enjoyable crowd-pleaser, in which a has-been hair metal band (led by Jake Busey done up like Bret Michaels) finds themselves menaced by oversized killer ants as they make their way to a potential comeback gig in the middle of the desert. It's what I call a "B+ movie"; where the makers and cast fully commit to a goofy plot instead of winking or hamming it up, making it a winner in my eyes. As a bonus, it's got some great songs from that era, including Kix's power ballad "Don't Close Your Eyes" (reimagined to be this otherwise fictional band's big hit that they are tired of playing) as well as a new one called "Side Boob" that might be the best song Mötley Crüe never recorded. Tone-wise, it's similar to Tremors, where it's not so much about how many people will die but if these lovable losers can pull together and save the day. 

The Q&A will feature stars Busey, Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, Sydney Sweeney, Michael Horse and more, and again it'll immediately follow the screening which starts at 7:30pm. Wanna come for free? All you have to do - besides be located in Los Angeles and able to get to the TCL Chinese 6 on Tuesday night - is email [email protected] with your full name and your favorite monster movie of the 2000s. I'll be picking a name on Monday and letting you know that you won then. If you never win anything, tickets are still available HERE if you feel that streak will continue! And if you're not in LA at all but want to check the flick out, fear not - it'll be on VOD (and some theaters!) on January 25th, so keep an eye out! 

P.S. On January 29th I will be back at the TCL hosting Screamfest's screening of the great Friday the 13th Part 2 with Adrienne King and others in attendance, so look for a ticket giveaway to that one soon!