Edgar Wright’s Next Is A Psychological Horror Film Inspired By DON’T LOOK NOW

That sound you just heard was our heads exploding.

A new post over at Empire has revealed Edgar Wright's next project, a "psychological horror" film the site says was inspired by Nicolas Roeg's Don't Look Now and Roman Polanski's Repulsion. That's...hoo, boy, that's an extremely exciting sentence. If you need to take a minute to collect yourself before moving on, we totally get it. 

All settled? Good, let's move on. Says Wright:

“I realised I had never made a film about central London – specifically Soho, somewhere I’ve spent a huge amount of time in the last 25 years ... With Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead you make movies about places you’ve lived in. This movie is about the London I’ve existed in.”

According to Empire, the film will shoot this summer, from a screenplay co-written by Wright and Krysty Wilson-Cairns. As of this writing, we don't know what it's called or who might star in it, but you can rest assured we'll be keeping you updated as further information rolls in. Don't Look Now and Repulsion are two of our favorite mindfuck movies, so it's tremendously exciting to hear that Wright's gonna give that type of film a go. We're hyped.

Meanwhile, Empire also managed to snag an update on the proposed Baby Driver sequel:

“A first draft of Baby Driver 2 exists,” [Wright] confirms, adding that it introduces a whole swathe of new characters following the original's high body-count, and “takes the story further”.

So, sounds like a Baby Driver sequel might still be in the cards, it's just not quite ready to (puts on sunglasses) hit the road yet. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm trying to remove it.

(Note: Header photo by Gage Skidmore, used with permission via Flickr)