KNIFE + HEART Gets An Incredible First Trailer

Just slightly on the NSFW side.

I saw a lot of great movies at last year’s Fantastic Fest. Sometimes when that happens, you tend to forget about amazing movies that nevertheless get overshadowed in your mind throughout the week. That’s exactly what happened with me and Knife + Heart. I truly adore the film. But since the fest, I haven’t had much opportunity to think about it.

Now I have a strong reminder in the form of this new trailer for the film. I highly recommend you check it out, though it is a bit on the NSFW side:

Knife + Heart is basically a stylized, Giallo-esque serial killer film taking place within the gay porn industry. It has great kills, interesting (and funny) characters, and as you might expect, tons and tons of gay erotica action.

It’s a bit hard to get that mixture across when describing the film to others. Luckily, this trailer does that job for me. Yann Gonzalez’s impressive film will be in select theaters starting March 15. Especially if you’re a horror hound, this is one you don’t want to miss.