Matt Smith Is About To Join Jared Leto In Sony’s MORBIUS Movie

In which the Living Vampire makes a friend (or maybe a foe, you don't know).

Following the massive (and, some would say, entirely inexplicable) success of Ruben Fleischer's Venom, Sony is moving full steam ahead with its next Spider-Man spin-off, a film based on Morbius, the Living Vampire, who - as you may or may not know - is a scientist who inadvertently catches a hot case of vampirism after trying to cure himself of a blood disease. 

To be called Morbius, the film will be headlined by Jared Leto, directed by Safe House's Daniel Espinosa, and feature zero of the Morbius-fighting-Spider-Man action from the Spider-Man comics. We're not sure who he'll be battling against in the movie, honestly ... but maybe it'll be Matt Smith, who Variety just revealed is in final negotiations to co-star in the film. 

Is a Morbius movie a good idea? The answer would seem to be "No", but just look at how Venom turned out. Even if you weren't a fan of that film, its massive take at the worldwide box office cannot be argued with, and it's certainly all the motivation Sony needs to get its next Spider-Man spin-off into production. It's possible that Morbius will turn out to be the full-scale disaster we all expected Venom to be, but given how that turned out it'd probably be prudent to withhold judgment on this one until we've actually seen it (or, at the very least, until we've seen Leto in full Morbius costume).

Stay tuned for more on Morbius as further updates become available. In the meantime: are you looking forward to this one? If so, please share your thought process in the comments below.