SUPERGIRL 4.11 Review “Blood Memories”

It's dangerous to dream.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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Woof. That’s two tear-jerkers in a row from Supergirl. Apparently, you can’t just erase a hunk of someone’s memory with no consequences. Who knew? But Kara’s not the only one dealing with family drama. Nia has to head back home to see her family, and she hasn’t told them that her Dreamer powers kicked in. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the world doesn’t stop because your family’s suffering from a little domestic drama. So, while Kara and Nia do their best to be there for their respective families, there’s still plenty of Children of Liberty nonsense going on in the background.

“Blood Memories” kicks off with Russian Supergirl unintentionally shooting gamma rays across the globe. We don’t see the worldwide fallout from the rays, but we do know that they created some super-fun rage pills in North America. These pills make their way to some frat boys, and a few other unwitting college dummies who decide to throw a literal rager. The powers they give you aren’t long lasting, but they appear to give the user super strength and one bad case of the uglies. Fittingly, the frat boys are just tools to show you what it is the pills do. The real problem is when they fall in the hands of the Children of Liberty.

In an effort to escape a floundering Alex, and to be the ever-helpful person she is, Kara offers to drive Nia home for her town Harvest Festival when her flight is cancelled. On their drive, Nia opens up about her hometown, and how it’s acted as an oasis for both aliens and humans alike. She tells Kara that she’s trans, and that she couldn’t have imagined growing up anywhere else. The two have a good bonding session during their drive that concludes with Nia asking Kara not to tell anyone in her family that she’s started getting her dreams.

As it happens, that request is for good reason. Nia’s sister Maeve has spent her whole life preparing for the dreams, and they’re only passed down to one woman per family. Since Nia doesn’t want the powers, she talks to her mother about how to, hypothetically, transfer them away. Isabel realizes that it was Nia, not Maeve, who inherited the powers right before she dies from a spider bite.

In honor of Isabel’s passing, the town elects to have the Harvest Festival double as a memorial service. Because they’re giant buttheads, the Children of Liberty decide that’s the perfect time to attack. Though the DEO and Supergirl make quick work of the terrorists, no one with the last name of Danvers or Nal comes out of the battle unscathed.

When J’onn erased Alex’s memories of Kara’s alien identity, he also erased a big part of her empathy. She’s not just cold towards Supergirl because they don’t have the relationship they once had - she’s cold because she no longer has the understanding and care for aliens that she did in the past. Meanwhile, Maeve finds out that Nia received the gift that she’d been preparing to take on for her whole life.

Lost in her grief over the loss of their mother and the knowledge that she’d never become Dreamer, Maeve says some pretty unacceptable things to Nia. She doesn’t understand how she could be Dreamer when the powers only pass through the matriarchal line and she isn’t even a real girl. While it’s painful to watch, the moment is such a critical thing to see portrayed in media. Maeve was always Nia’s fiercest advocate as she was going through her transition. Everyone in her family was supportive, but you just can’t beat the bond between two sisters. Her reaction to Nia being granted the Dreamer powers over her helps drive home that even the most devoted of supporters still may not understand that a transgender woman is, indeed, a real woman.

Both Kara and Nia have found themselves in a situation where their fiercest allies and most trusted confidants either aren’t available to them or have waivered. Unsure how else to help Nia, Kara reveals herself as Supergirl. It’s a nice reciprocation of trust after Nia shared herself with Kara, and will help build up the girls’ relationship as Nia begins her journey as Dreamer. The moment ends with Kara reminding Nia that she isn’t alone. She believes that the love between sisters will prevail in the end, and, in the meantime, Nia has a family to help support her through her new journey.

“Blood Memories” closes with the agent watching over the Girl of Steel’s Russian counterpart calling for someone in the United States after she doesn’t regain consciousness. Place your bets on who that phone call is directed to in the comments below. Next week we’ll see Dreamer learn how to save some folk!