Zack Snyder Is Returning To The Zombie Game With ARMY OF THE DEAD For Netflix

Well THAT seems kind of like a big deal.

I’ll tell you this about Zack Snyder. I kind of like him. I just haven’t liked one of his movies for a while. It doesn’t mean I’ve lost faith that he can bring his significant visual talents and somewhat troubling storytelling abilities to a project worthy of them.

And it’s looking a bit like that might be exactly what’s happening with Snyder’s awaited return to cinema… kind of.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder will direct Army of the Dead for Netflix, which means a smaller screen for all those luscious visuals. On the other hand, Snyder’s talking like he’s being let off the leash on this one, which is something I really can’t say no to.

I mean, listen to this. It’s not just a zombie film. It’s a film where a crew of badasses comes together to pull off a heist in some sort of zombie forbidden zone. I don’t know how you can speak my language louder than that. The story is an original Snyder jam, though the script is by Joby Harold.

The film is going to start shooting this summer. Not soon enough, says I.