UPDATED: SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Just Got A 2021 Release Date (And A New Title)

Jai bless, y'all.

Big DC release date news tonight from The Hollywood Reporter, as Warner Bros. has given release dates to a few comic book tentpoles – including Suicide Squad 2, which is now apparently titled The Suicide Squad. The sequel, scripted by James Gunn following his fallout with Marvel, will now hit theaters on August 6, 2021. It was previously reported that Gunn might possibly direct the Suicide Squad sequel, but that part of the equation has yet to be confirmed at this time.

Here's what we do know: Gunn's involvement means we'll be getting a more comedic (intentionally so) and self-aware version of the SKWAD, which is good news to literally... everyone. There are several elements that remain unclear, however, including the involvement of a couple of key cast members. Margot Robbie is reprising her fan-favorite Harley Quinn role in the upcoming Birds of Prey, alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Messina, and Ewan McGregor. Although there were reports about additional movies featuring Harley and Joker (including a weird rom-com thing from the people behind Focus, no less), not much has been confirmed outside of Birds of Prey.

Also up in the air: the return of Jared Leto, an element which seems particularly relevant in light of Gunn's involvement. For those unfamiliar, there have been rumors in the past about Leto's sexual proclivities and alleged misconduct, particularly regarding young women. Back in May of 2018, Dylan Sprouse sent out a tweet referencing Leto's "preferences," and Gunn's reply alludes to unsavory behavior from the Suicide Squad star: 

Until we learn more, it's safe to assume pretty much nothing about The Suicide Squad aside from Gunn's involvement and the release date. Here's hoping Jai Courtney gets more to do, at the very least. (Don't @ me.) 

UPDATE: Well, as it turns out, we know a lot more about the Suicide Squad sequel now: Gunn's in negotiations to direct, an entirely new cast will be hired, and...well, it's actually not a sequel at all, but a relaunch. Read all about it here, folks.