The Flash 5.12 Review “Memorabilia”

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This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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Perception can be a dangerous thing. It doesn’t care about history or facts; time and outside influences can help skew it to whatever narrative it deems fit. That narrative can in turn fuel our worst fears and most shameful prejudices. And yes, you’re reading a review of The Flash still. “Memorabilia” takes us down memory lane in the minds of both Nora and Gracie, but not all of those memories are what they seem.

Sherloque brings in a piece of tech from his Earth to help bring Gracie back from her coma. Team Flash’s current plan is to use Cicada’s daughter to help bring him back from his murder spree. Though it’s a solid mid-season level plan, it turns out that Grace has been able to hear her uncle while in her coma. Bigotry isn’t born, ladies and gentlemen. It’s taught. And the only thing that she’s been exposed to since going comatose is her uncle’s prejudice. Her subconscious turns on Nora after realizing that she’s The Flash’s daughter.

Grace’s mind attacking Nora’s would all be well and fine if death of your consciousness didn’t mean death of your body too. Little Miss XS might’ve regretted going into Gracie’s mind alone despite the warnings from Sherloque, but she doesn’t have a whole lot of time to think about it since Cicada-Grace is running around trying to off her.

When Barry and Iris go in to save their daughter, they find themselves stuck in her mind rather than Grace’s as intended. While there, they get a glimpse of The Flash Museum, The Hall of Villains, and the terrible mother that Iris is destined to become. Iris is horrified by her actions in the future, but it turns out that what they saw in Nora’s mind wasn’t really what happened at all.

Nora grew up angry. All she wanted was to know her dad, and the only person she had around to blame was her mom. Her perception of her mother was skewed because of her rage, as Iris’ perception of her future self. But the little lies Nora’s consciousness was portraying was also the key out. Sherloque and Caitlin manage to break through to tell the West-Allen family to look for the perceived realities wrapped up in the real memories. For Nora’s mind, it’s Iris’ cruelty, and in Gracie’s it’s the perfect dollhouse.

The family makes it out of Grace’s consciousness alive and well. Sherloque almost busts Nora in front of her parents, but decides to be merciful. Though it was the golden opportunity for her to come clean about Eobard, Nora feels more vindicated than ever after her mind-walk. It’s the wrong choice, but she’s not the only one who feels bolstered after the experience.

After a bout of indecision, Iris decides to rent the space next to Ralph’s office to start the Central City Chronicle. She may not be able change the name, but she does successfully start the paper two years earlier than in the future where Barry disappears. Who says you have to be a Speedster to start breaking timelines?

“Memorabilia” has a surprisingly deep message, and brings the heart where appropriate. Plenty of lovely West-Allen family moments and Sherloque’s moment of kindness with Nora are paired nicely with the new and improved Good Friend Ralph Dibney. Ralph taking his little buddy Cisco out on the town results in a breakthrough on the Meta cure. You know, the very same Meta cure that Caitlin begrudgingly agreed to help with, provided they never used it on someone against their will? Yeah, it’s done.

Barry’s new plan is to use the cure on Cicada. Who among us, yada, yada, yada. This decision will undoubtedly result in some in-fighting on the team, but we’re going to have to wait for that. Barry has to make more questionable decisions by helping some shady characters in order to achieve their goal in next week’s episode. You know what to do if you had thoughts on “Memorabilia” in the meantime!