Johnny Flynn Will Play David Bowie In New Biopic STARDUST

But hold on: there may be a catch.

It's been just over three years since David Bowie tragically passed away, which means we've been waiting two years and 364 days for someone to announce a David Bowie biopic. While a number of those are all but guaranteed to be in development at one studio or another, it appears that Film Constellation will be the first to get one off the ground with Gabriel Range's Stardust.


Per the Hollywood Reporter, Johnny Flynn (seen above in the Amazon series Vanity Fair) has signed on to play the dearly-departed legend, and the film is said to focus on "the rise of [Bowie], starting with his first visit to America in 1971 — a trip that inspired the invention of his iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust." Production is slated to begin this June.

THR says Film Constellation is looking to "introduce the film to buyers at the EFM in Berlin", but those buyers might wanna do their homework before signing any contracts: according to Bowie's son, director Duncan Jones, the production doesn't have permission to use any of his father's music.

Is it possible Range and company are moving forward with a David Bowie biopic that ... won't contain any David Bowie music? We suppose that's possible, but are struggling to imagine why anyone would want to do that.

Sounds like there'll be some drama surrounding this one, so stay tuned for further updates as they roll in. In the meantime, we suggest you all go watch Velvet Goldmine. It's great.