Austin, You’re All Invited To Spend AN EVENING AT THE BLACK LAGOON

Scott's hosting one hell of an event for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON fans.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a gigantic Creature From The Black Lagoon fan. I've written about the film on many occasions here at the site, I've seen Jack Arnold's film more times than I can count, and I consider the Creature's design one of the all-time greatest works of...well, creature design that Hollywood's ever seen. Hell, I've even got a CFTBL tattoo. 

And so, when I tell you that hosting the Alamo Drafthouse's An Evening At The Black Lagoon is serious bucket list shit, you will know I am telling you the truth. 

Here's the news: 

"Jack Arnold's CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON isn't just one of our favorite Universal Monster movies - it's also the film that introduced the world to one of Hollywood's most enduring pieces of creature design. Sadly, the story behind the creation of that design is a rarely-told and tragic one, with undeniable echoes of the gender equality problems facing the film industry today.

Author Mallory O'Meara's new book, THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, tackles that story head-on, unraveling the strange and sobering case of an uber-talented makeup artist by the name of Millicent Patrick, whose work proved so indelible and immediately iconic that it cost her an entire career.

For AN EVENING AT THE BLACK LAGOON, we're celebrating Patrick's work, her story, and the monster at the heart of it all with a special screening of Arnold's film (hosted by Birth.Movies.Death.'s Scott Wampler), to be followed by a Q&A and book-signing with O'Meara (Austin's Book People will be on-hand with copies of O'Meara's book, should you forget to bring your own). This event is an absolute must for CREATURE fanatics and Hollywood historians alike."

Yes, that's right - on March 7th (just two days after O'Meara's The Lady From The Black Lagoon hits stores!), I'll be hosting a screening of Jack Arnold's classic creature feature, and O'Meara herself will be on-hand to talk about the film, Millicent Patrick's place in Hollywood history, and all other things Black Lagoon-related. As an added bonus, she'll even be sticking around to sign copies of the book in the Drafthouse lobby after the show.

I am beyond excited to finally announce this event, and can't wait to speak with Mallory about her book (I've been reading an advance copy, and lemme tell ya: this thing rules). Get your tickets here while they're available! I'll see all of you on March 7th.