Billy Eichner To Star In Rom-Com From NEIGHBORS Director Nick Stoller

And Judd Apatow is producing it, praise be.

Great news, everyone! Billy Eichner will finally become the rom-com leading man I've always wanted him to be – at least ever since that John Cho arc on Difficult People (RIP, gone too soon). So says Deadline, which reports that Eichner will write and star in the untitled project from Neighbors director Nick Stoller and producer Judd Apatow (of course).

Not much is known about this holiest of unions – like will Cole Escola appear? What about Julie Klausner? Basically, can this just be a movie-length third season of Difficult People? Okay, but seriously, the plot will follow two men who struggle to overcome their commitment issues to pursue a romantic relationship with one another. Sounds sorta like You're the Worst, and also kind of like most rom-coms about straight white people, which makes this one – about two men – even more exciting. Really, I'm just thrilled that America is finally prepared to accept Billy Eichner as the next great romantic leading man, and that Judd Apatow is putting his money where his mouth is with regards to creating more diverse content. Then again... 

My most anticipated film of 20Whenever is set up at Universal, where Apatow is also directing a new comedy starring – trigger warning – Pete Davidson. 

Eichner, meanwhile, continues to host the long-running series Billy on the Street, and recently appeared on the eighth season of American Horror Story (which was a vast improvement, I swear). He can also be heard as the voice of Timon in Disney's live-action-ish The Lion King, and stars on the Netflix series Friends From College, which I have not watched yet because I am only one person and what do you want from me.