Michael Keaton Puts On A Show In The Latest DUMBO Trailer

Truly, a face only a mother could love

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The latest animated Disney property to get the live-action treatment, Dumbo, is looking a little more contained than the rest of Tim Burton’s latter-day, CGI-flooded oddities. The only real effects showcases to be found here are the flying elephant himself and Michael Keaton’s hairpiece.

Take a look below:

As someone who isn’t all that enthused by Disney plumbing the depths of its old animated properties for new blockbuster material, this hasn’t done a whole lot to change that. While Danny DeVito as a grouchy ringmaster and a Michael Keaton sporting ridiculous hair are absolutely selling points, the rest looks pretty rote - and doesn’t look like much of a comeback for Burton. Hopefully a story set in the circus can bring back some of the weirdness and morbid humour that made the director’s name, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Dumbo is out March 29.