HALLOWEEN 2 (A New One) Has Its Writer

And it’s not who you’d expect.

I’ve been operating under the delusion that any sequel to last year’s Halloween would have to at least be written by some part of the Jeff Fradley, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride team that brought Michael Myers back in the first place. I am a naive, dumb little boy.

According to Collider, this will not be the case. Instead, Halloween 2 will be written by Scott Teems. You may not know Teems, but he has two Stephen King adaptations coming, Firestarter, to be directed by Fatih Akin, and The Breathing Method, to be directed by Scott Derrickson. We’ll have to wait until they come out to suss out Teem’s horror qualities as a writer.

As for any other information regarding this film, we have pretty much nothing. No word on who will direct (this news makes a David Gordon Green return seem unlikely), when it is expected to come out, or what the film is even going to be about. While I’m all for more slashers on the big screen, especially one starring a horror icon like Myers, it’ll be a bit of a bummer if this ends up just being a quickly put together sequel with no real relationship to last year’s film. Actually, that’ll make it just like the slashers I grew up with, so scratch that. Bring on the shlock!