Paramount Just Shot David Fincher’s WORLD WAR Z Sequel In The Head

Pour one out for what could've been.

Sad news for anyone who was looking forward to David Fincher's first zombie movie: according to The Playlist, Paramount has pulled the plug on the director's World War Z sequel (which was in the midst of pre-production). Given the fact that it's been over two update-free years since we first heard about this project, the news isn't terribly surprising. Still sucks, though.

So, what happened?

According to The Playlist's report, a number of factors are at play here, including budgetary concerns, the death of former Paramount CEO Brad Grey (who was apparently a big supporter of the project), and good ol' fashioned studio procrastination. "Brad Pitt is apparently not a happy camper with the studio right now," they go on to note, ominously. 

From the very beginning, David Fincher directing a World War Z sequel seemed strange like a strange move. We never could wrap our heads around what had attracted him to the project - or, indeed, why the sequel needed to exist in the first place. And yet, we were excited to see what he'd do with a big budget and a blank canvas within the zombie genre. 

Oh, well! At present, Fincher is currently wrapping up work on the second season of Netflix's Mindhunter. As of this writing, his next feature is unknown. Stay tuned for more on that - and the future of the World War Z franchise, if there is one - as further updates become available.