The 2019 BMD Alternate Oscars: Acting!

Get ready for some tough, tough decisions.

Welcome to the 2019 Birth.Movies.Death Alternate Oscars! We’re now in the third annual incarnation of this new tradition, in which the BMD staff pick nominees from the films Oscar ignored, and readers vote for the winners. There are plenty of good films nominated in the “real” Oscars, but this is our chance - and yours - to give some lovin’ to the films that were too small, too weird, or too badass for the Academy to recognise.

We’ll have a new set of nominees up every Wednesday, leading up to the Academy Awards ceremony itself, and each week we’ll reveal the winners from the previous salvo of categories. So place your votes, and may the best movies win. 

Last week, we ran polls on some of the “craft” categories, and two films ended up dominating the votes. Annihilation’s genetically distorted world took out Best Production Design and utterly - ahem - annihilated the competition in Visual Effects with more votes than all the other nominees combined, while the dance-academy horror of Suspiria handily won Best Costume Design and Best Makeup & Hairstyling. Congratulations to those films, and thank you all for voting.

This week, we’re looking at the acting categories, which honestly were heartbreakingly difficult to come up with nominations for. Whoever we nominated, we always felt like we were leaving someone out - and we've definitely left people out. Cast your votes for those we kept in!

Thanks for voting! We’ll be back next week with the nominees for directing, writing, cinematography, and editing, which will be a similarly brutal series of choices. Feel free to praise your choices for this week - or grouse about what we left out - in the comments below.

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