Which Network Will Win The Streaming Wars By Greenlighting The MACGRUBER TV Show?

Somebody needs to do the right thing here (and it better not be Crackle).

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, MacGruber director Jorma Taccone casually drops the following goddamn bombshell:

"We just spent the last two days pitching [MacGruber] as a series. Eight-to-ten episodes. I’m really hoping that when you print this there’s an announcement that it’s actually happening, because I know nothing right now. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it, so this may be a tragic interview.

We’ve had so many ideas over the years, from the moment we stopped filming. I just love this character so much.”

That's right - Jorma Taccone spent two solid days pitching a MacGruber TV series to a number of streaming networks. Because this is an article about that rather than, say, an article about Netflix officially greenlighting a MacGruber TV series, you know that Taccone's wish has yet to come true. 

The film version of MacGruber hit theaters back in 2010, where it was promptly ignored by a populace which did not deserve it. In the time since its release, the film has gained an extremely justified cult following, one which could probably even stand to be a little bigger than it is. Those of you on the right side of history are probably just as excited about the possibility of a MacGruber TV show as the Birth.Movies.Death. staff, which reacted to this development with several variations on the phrase "Holy shit."

So, who's it gonna be? Who's gonna do the right thing here and pick up MacGruber to series? How 'bout you, Netflix? You could bankroll one less show about cakes and make this dream a reality. Or how about you, Hulu? You're about to become Disney's repository for adult-leaning content, perhaps you'd like a series that'd melt faces all over the world? If neither of you are interested, I'm willing to bet Amazon can scrounge up the cash to make it happen. Whichever of you pulls it off will be immediately crowned the winner of the Streaming Wars. That's gotta be worth the money, right?

Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in, folks. And cross those fingers.