New ALADDIN Trailer Reveals That Blue Will Smith Genie You Were Asking About

Well, he's definitely blue.

So far, the marketing on Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin (headed to theaters this May from director Guy Ritchie) has been a touch wonky. An early teaser trailer showed us mostly sand dunes. A second look at the film revealed Will Smith's Genie, but made everyone angry because Genie wasn't blue. Now we've arrived at another trailer, and ... well, the good news is, they weren't lying when they said Genie would appear in his iconic blue form

But be careful what you ask for...

Yup, that's definitely Will Smith as Genie, and yup, he's definitely blue. This trailer arrived just last night and immediately had people on social media slapping their foreheads in frustration, which we're sure is very confusing for the Disney marketing team overseeing this rollout ("They were mad when he wasn't blue, now they're mad that he is blue - how do you win with these people?"). For whatever it's worth, I don't think this looks terrible, I'm just sort of amazed at how clumsily they've handled all these reveals. Whole thing feels a bit rickety. 

But how 'bout y'all? What's your reaction to blue Will Smith Genie? Feeling it? Not so much? Think you'll bother with this one, or do you think you'll stay home? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on the live-action Aladdin remake as we draw ever closer to the film's May 24th arrival in theaters.