ARROW 7.13 Review “Star City Slayer”

It's murder chili time! In an episode about murder!

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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Ch… ch… ch… changes are underway in “Star City Slayer”. There are some big losses, counteracted with what could be a major gain for Oliver and Felicity, but only if it’s tackled correctly. All of that’s wrapped up in a fun and quick little slasher episode that serves as a re-entry point for Ollie’s Slabside buddy, Stanley.

Team Arrow continues to get threatening notes. After they find one on the murder scene of the councilman who had been helping Ricardo Diaz, the team opens an investigation and starts putting those new badges to good use. It doesn’t take them long to find the home of the killer, but you have to watch your back in a horror house. Curtis knew. Dinah, unfortunately, didn’t get the memo.

The Black Canary spent much of her time in the episode stressing about her newly revealed identity. As it turns out, her powers might not matter much any longer. Stanley gets the jump on Dinah and slashes her throat in the process. This explains the impressive scar she has in the flash forwards. Dinah’s canary cry won’t be the only thing exiting Arrow for the time being, unfortunately.

Curtis Holt has always struggled to find his place in Star City. Echo Kellum is a gem, who brings great charisma to the character. But, the fact of the matter is Team Arrow already has its super genius. The Flash found a way to make that work with their team of smartie pants, but Arrow never really nailed the formula. As a matter of fact, Curtis’ ethics would do a lot better in Central City but, for now, he’s heading off to DC to change the world.

Also making an exit for the time being is William, at least the baby version. Adult Will still needs to get his ass kicked by Blackstar in the future. Oliver wants to be a better father than his dad was. It turns out that the only way to do that is to send his son to live with his grandparents. Because he’s Oliver, he’s fiercely resistant at first. Because Oliver’s actually grown over the last season, he sees reason and agrees to let William move to Central City.

That’s three major losses to Team Arrow in one week. So, what’s the gain? Honestly, that question may be more literal than rhetorical, but I’m willing to reserve judgment until we get a feel of how the Arrow writers will handle Felicity’s pregnancy. For now, we at least know the gender. The flash forwards’ big reveal this week is that Blackstar is actually Mia Smoak. I assume we’ll find out why she didn’t take her dad’s name in short order.

Mothers can be the strongest, most badass creatures on the planet. With that said, I have some serious concerns about this particular direction for Felicity’s character. Arrow’s struggled with what to do with its super hacker in the past, and she has some complicated feelings about motherhood. If handled right, it could be an incredible arc. The thing is, bringing babies into a show very rarely goes great. I was proven wrong with William (though he wasn’t a baby upon introduction). Here’s hoping we all get pleasantly surprised with this Mia arc.

So, what’s the show gonna get up to after all that? Well, first up is a couple week hiatus. Team Arrow’s not coming back until March. When they do return, OTA is going to have a serious come to Jesus meeting. Felicity and Oliver find out about Diggle working with Diaz. Predictably, they’re pretty pissed about it. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode in the meantime!